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Welcome to Hot & Cold Electric!

Jonathan Murphy of Hot & Cold Electric rewires behidn the bathroom wall, where he replaced a non-GFCI, code-violating dual outlet dependent on a light switch with a four-outlet, GFCI unit.HCE is owned by Jonathan A. Murphy, Master Electrician, offering a full line of electrical services. And coming soon: a full line of heating and cooling services.

Licensed -- as a Master Electrician, with over 12,000 hours of experience as an electrician prior to attaining M.E.

Certified -- by the EPA as a Universal Refrigeration Technician

Certified -- for installation of Fujitsu Mini-split heat pumps

Insured -- you're protected

No premium charge for scheduled after-hours service -- if we schedule a 9 p.m. appointment, you won't pay extra

24-hour emergency service

No minimum hourly charge -- if it takes 15 minutes to install a light switch, you get charged 15 minutes

Free consultation and estimating -- Jonathan will look at your project and let you know what it will cost

There are many thing to think about when preparing for an electrical job. Jonathan will make sure you know everything you need to know, but click here to learn about some things to think about before starting your electrical job.


Certified installer of Fujistsu mini-split heat pumps

Certified heat-pump installer for Efficiency Maine


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